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Webroot Review: Is Webroot A Good Antivirus Software?

Webroot is a forward-thinking solution, an antivirus with an exceptional approach to coping with online dangers. The process that is download-installation is effortless and straightforward. Webroot does not need a CPU to operate an apparatus will have the ability to deal with it. When it comes to the user interface, Webroot leaves a great deal to be desired.

In laboratory evaluations, this software attained outcomes, so your apparatus will probably be well-protected from dangers. The pricing plan provides a choice between three bundles and is flexible. You can shield up to ten apparatus together with the Internet Security Complete Family Pack. Insert also the capacity processing, and also scans to run it and you are going to find a product.

Webroot Review: Is Webroot A Good Antivirus Software?

Since Webroot does not take a highly effective system for evaluation, you can (and should) use it in conjunction with a more conventional item. They'll create a layer of protection.

Pros and Cons of Webroot

We enjoy:

  • Incredibly fast (and comprehensive ) scans
  • Procedure effect is minimal
  • Works with most of the popular platforms, such as Win, Mac, Android, iOS
  • URL blocking is about par with all the leaders
  • Comparatively friendly interface; the prosperity of useful attributes
  • Long-term plans provide adequate discounts

We do not like:

  • Safety for a single connection/device is pricey
  • Though the UI is favorable, There's a small learning curve
  • Controversial third-part laboratory test results
  • Ransomware protection is under average

Webroot is among the businesses that prefer to create their own way instead of others. They've been in the marketplace for at least two decades and have HQs in capitals. Webroot's first product was a trace elimination representative (known as WW -- the Window Washer).

In 2008 the firm entered the customer's marketplace with Internet Security Basics (check our top of greatest online security suites). Consumers and critics gave the maximum praise to it, also Secure Anywhere is a much version of that program.

In 2019 (about the 26th of March, to be precise ), Carbonite, Inc. acquired the firm for 618.5 million US dollars. Due to this agreement, Webroot's pros have service, additional time, and tools.


  • Cloud-based malware detection and removal
  • Works with obsolete devices and operating systems
  • Fully supports Win XP 32 and Mac OS 10.7 lion
  • Characteristics an ever-growing malware
  • Compatible with all the four Big operating systems
  • Competitive pricing (particularly for long-term subscriptions)
  • Greatest For
  • consumers Searching for an economical, yet powerful antivirus solution
  • Providers of older computers and cellular devices
  • Individuals searching for an option to antivirus products

Reliability And Safety

Webroot is an anti-virus that is cloud-based. Unlike solutions, Webroot does not utilize a touch baseline. It appears for metadata and patterns. Malicious programs (those ones that are not from the database) have"suspended" and tracked continuously.

To put it simply, Webroot blocks files and allows the cloud computer to decide what to do together. Next, after it thoroughly assesses these records, the cloud computer" informs" the applications on the consumer's pc what it must do with these files that are unknown. That's exactly why there is no systematic effect.

As a result of this strategy, there are laboratory test results that could prove Webroot's effectiveness, and the majority of them are conflicting. SE Labs, among the most respected testers, gave Webroot a"B" rating, which is quite low (C is the lowest score ). While security against malware has been above average strikes proven to be a problem for this particular item.

MRG-Effitas is another name of testers. Trojans and General run two types of evaluations. Both of these are heavy on almost any antivirus, and several fail at both evaluations. Having a Level 2 award, Webroot removed each and every threat (it could not prevent the dangers immediately( but did eliminate them eventually). At the real-world evaluation of the company, Webroot attained a degree of success. From slipping, logins/passwords and, malware ceased.

Because of AV-Test and AV-Comparative, the Webroot testing outcomes they provide back to 2012-2013. Webroot agents claim that the approaches these labs employ aren't tailored to assess Webroot's efficiency.

Malware Protection

Tests conducted to assess Webroot's performance against malware. Samples were planted by them along with everyone was removed by the anti-virus. To deal with these dangers, it takes two complete scans (do not worry, they do not take long).

Ransomware Protection

Oddly enough, Webroot did not do anything to discontinue our simulator that is ransomware. The simulator took on the OS over tens of thousands of documents, along with the anti-virus remained idle. In an evaluation, Webroot nevertheless took time with ransomware, but did flag the majority of the documents as corrupt and even treated them. Because of this, protection that is ransomware has become the portion of the program.

Phishing Protection

Phishing is just another place where Webroot showed exceptional results. It blocked 97 percent of those websites, which places it close using their ideal to Kaspersky and McAfee. So it actually makes Webroot input to the best 10 antiviruses in history.

Webroot Performance

As stated before, this antivirus does not have a substantial effect on the hardware and the OS. It is among the least demanding goods. That's because the application does not want the user apparatus to process dangers. Throughout our Webroot antivirus review, it added two procedures from the task manager.

The strain on the HDD and the CPU are minimal. And, Webroot is completely compatible with decades-old operating systems (Win XP and Mac OS 10.7). In general, this product's performance is above average, and about how it's likely to influence your own OS, you won't ever need to be concerned. In spite of a scan, the consumer will not feel that the machine is becoming slower.

Simplicity of Use

Setup is simple: all you need to do is download the installer select a subscription program, and then follow instructions. Webroot does not need the consumer to discuss any credit card information (just an email). The antivirus will automatically download on your hard disk As soon as you proceed through enrollment. Click the setup file, and wait for it to set up the application and run a scan.

Webroot Interface

After the installation procedure, an individual might need to take care of not-so-user-friendly Webroot's interface. This dashboard's major flaw is that the prosperity of menus. For an experienced user, this will not be an issue, as they'll figure everything out. However, for a person, buttons, those menus, and icons may be a bit much.

There's a good deal of text to each menu, also, the majority of the time, it is somewhat difficult to discover. That's a shame because a number of Webroot's attributes are"concealed," such as the Custom Scans.

However, it is not all bad: that the anti-virus functions perfectly which means that you won't need to alter anything to maximize its performance. Is your test on the right: when it is there, that means your OS is shielded.

Right below it, Webroot reveals information concerning the number of dangers, its length, the upcoming scan, and also the scan. Information about the subscription program (or, instead, how much time it will continue ) is situated in the lower corner.

The consumers can change Real-time Shield, Web Shield, and Firewall away and on. For a person, that's more than enough information to begin using this particular antivirus.

Scanning Options

To conduct a fast scan, then click the"Scan My Keyboard " Or, you may simply right-click on this program's icon in the menu and start a scan that manner. This scan assesses the RAM; the Complete scan goes through of the drives. The scan is quite comprehensive and seems for rootkits and Trojans.

Customs scans are offered. For some reason, they are not on precisely the menu as the other scan types. To launch custom made scans, then go PC Security -- Preferences -- Custom Scan.

For this Webroot inspection, we conducted all scans to understand how they perform in evaluations. The scan takes just 50 minutes average to finish (though the company asserts it does not need over 20 minutes ).

The scan ends in 50-80 minutes and is swift; three minutes are required by the Complete scan. The detection rate is high, and Webroot supposes every one of our threats. Alarms were raised, but that's a frequent thing among products. The consumers are free from right-clicking onto it to examine every on the OS.

Available Packages And Pricing

It's time to have a look at programs before discussing their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Internet Security Plus: $44.99 ($3.75 per month; security for three apparatus, 1 year)
  • Internet Security Total: $59.99 ($5.00 per month; security for five apparatus +25GB Storage, 1 year)
  • Internet Security Complete Family Package: $159.99 ($13.3 per month; security for ten apparatus +25GB Storage, 1 year)

Each and every package can be obtained with a 14-day free trial. What's more, there's a Money-Back Guarantee that lasts for 70 times. It means that you may find a refund anytime within that interval. When compared with the normal refund guarantee, Webroot provides a thing.
Bundle Characteristics

SecureAnywhere AntiVirus is your entry-level program, and it packs a nice set of attributes. True, the price-tag is a little pricey for comfort, however, it is a choice. Important note: Using AntiVirus, you will have the ability to safeguard a Mac or Windows OS; iOS and Android are not offered. Just up to 3 devices could be protected for 3 decades -- that's the most you can escape this strategy.

  • Here's a list of the AntiVirus attributes:
  • Advanced Protection For Win/Mac
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Anti-Phishing (Real-Time)
  • Firewall + Network Link Monitor

Internet Security Plus. In lots of ways, IS Plus is your ideal bundle: it includes the former plan offers and much more. The gap -- Internet Security Plus is compatible with the apparatus. Five apparatus for three decades -- that's what you can trust with this grade. Security for passwords and logins really is a bonus.

Internet Security Total. Should you require 25GB of storage to the organization's secure servers, IS Entire is your very best option. It is excellent at removing traces of online activity. The five years deal is on the desk. The sole difference between this package and the Family Bundle is that using the latter, you receive protection for ten apparatus.

Customer Support

Email is the form of service, but it's still accessible with Webroot. You are going to find an answer over 3-4 hours, which can be okay. Service is at your disposal 24/7, and our staff was amazed by how helpful and professional the brokers are.

The website also provides a chat, which is quicker and more easily. But, they offer help for pre-sale questions. Calls are the center: answer time is minimal, and you have to speak with a real individual.

Important note: client service can be obtained via the organization's reports on the Website.

As an alternative, you may attempt to resolve problems by yourself by checking the knowledge base out. The machine will ask you before thinking up a search result. The forum is a great improvement to the knowledge base and support. There's an FAQ page in Webroot activation which the consumers will find answers. Summing up, Webroot's customer service is just one of its strongest suits.

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